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Q Syndicate isn't just a one-stop destination for comics, puzzle, music and film reviews - it's the only existing wire service offering exclusive content to the LGBT press, interviews with big names like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Cher, Barbra Streisand, Madonna, Cameron Diaz, Channing Tatum, Dolly Parton, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Britney Spears and Whoopi Goldberg.

With over 25 subscribing publications from across the globe, all through the U.S. and into Canada, Q is dedicated to bringing the gay community cutting-edge copy and chats with some of the most interesting people in the entertainment business. Which, in the last couple of years, is just what we've been doing.

From pop luminaries like Adam Lambert and Katy Perry to icons like Mary J. Blige, Kathy Griffin and Madonna - not to mention exclusives with Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Cameron Diaz. Bette Midler, Stevie Nicks, Jason Mraz, Sugarland, Adam Levine - Q interviews have been featured around the world, on cover after cover.

It doesn't just mean bragging rights for your publication - it means more readers, which means more hits, which means more advertisers.


"Thanks to Q Syndicate, Windy City Times has been able to add yet another dimension to the publication: in-depth interviews with the top stars in the entertainment industry. And those interviews always have a queer bent."

- Andrew Davis, managing editor of Windy City Times

"Our readers have mentioned that they've enjoyed Q Syndicate's features because it gives them a closer look at the celebrities that they admire from an LGBT perspective. Mr. Azzopardi's stories have a bit of everything in them, including a good balance of seriousness, fun, entertainment, and even daring and ingenious comments. Q Syndicate features are savvy and hip..."

- Gricel M. Ocasio, publisher of The Rainbow Times News

"I've been working with Q Syndicate for years, coordinating celebrity interviews for upcoming films and albums, and their professionalism and wide-reaching placement make this wire service a must to help reach the LGBT community."

- Ryan Turrin, publicity Director of The Karpel Group

"My experiences with Q Syndicate have surpassed my expectations. I know all our artists are in good hands when we bring them on for a campaign. Q Syndicate is simply the best out there!"

- Martha Tang, vice president of Fly-Life Inc.

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Jason Mraz

I won't tell you what Jason Mraz told me during our interview in early 2012. Realizing after the fact that a political remark could potentially shake up his love club, he graciously asked me to omit that bit from the story. I did.

Over two years later, I'm reminded once again of Mraz's mindfulness. Evident both in the meditative nature of his sun-kissed ditties and his conversational style - ruminations preceded by long stretches of thought-processing silence - it's a quality that continues to endear the self-proclaimed "geek in pink" to hopeless romantics around the world.

Sinead O'Connor

Does Sinead have balls? Of course she does. Big ones. She talked about that region during our recent conversation, insisting that sex - whether it's with a man or a woman - isn't necessary for making her "dick hard." Still, she lets it all hang out on her 10th studio album, "I'm Not Bossy, I'm the Boss" (out Aug. 12), candidly revealing that, "Everybody wants something from me / They rarely ever wanna just know me."

The exception: this chat, during which Sinead recalled her introduction to the gay community - and how that community gave her the courage to be herself, speak out and "take shit."

George Takei

George Takei knows the power of a cat meme. Because of all things, it's the pussy that gave him a platform and set the stage for something more than just pervy postings and silly jests: LGBT activism.

Now, the 77-year-old, the iconic Hikaru Sulu on "Star Trek" from 1966-1969, isn't only the voice of a generation - he's the voice of generations.