The Q Community

For two decades now, Q Syndicate has served a community of LGBT publications.

Puzzles. Cartoons. Sports. Reviews. Political satire. Even those listicles your readers love. Yes, over the last 20 years, our network of editors – throughout the U.S. and into Canada – have raved about our content (particularly when they’re on deadline, scrambling to fill space when an ad falls through last minute).

But six years ago, something changed. Under the direction of editor Chris Azzopardi, Q Syndicate sought to bring something new to readers around the world: interviews with the biggest music, film and TV stars in the business – but with, of course, an LGBT angle.

And boom. We did.

Now, Q Syndicate is an unparalleled resource for regional media – the only place to find exclusive celebrity interviews with Beyonce and other LGBT-loved luminaries, from Bette Midler and Ricky Martin to Reba McEntire and Annie Lennox.

With over 25 subscribing publications, Q is dedicated to bringing content for regional LGBT press that only exists right here. Join our community today.


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